Együtt a Jövőnkért Alapítvány



Together for Our Future foundation was established as a public benefit organization, on 26 January 2004.

Its main objectives are: education-training and adult education, cultural activities and protection of cultural heritage, performing state tasks linked with nature and environment protection with its own resources, as well as elaborating of projects promoting the above-mentioned aims, participating in projects as partners and realisation of projects.

The Foundation takes care of reinforcing and publicity for the values of social development. It promotes the progress of human knowledge and reinforcement of its conscious values. The Foundation has close relations and collaborates with the Municipality of the town Tapolca, and the surrounding municipalities, as well as with the town’s educational and cultural institutions, civil associations and with companies and entrepreneurs in the economic sector. Connections and activities of the Foundation surpass the region; it works in national and transnational collaboration. The Foundation was registered as an adult training institution according to the Ministry of Education edict of 48/2001. (XII. 29.). The Foundation is a member of the European Union NYMPHEA network of associations that performs European educational and training tasks, improvement of transnational co-operation, and co-ordination. Main activities of the Foundation during 2004-2006: We are involved in European programmes as coordinators or partners. The training fields are in closely linked with adult education in all cases.

In performing of its tasks and taking their significance into account, the Foundation collaborates with the following institutions, organizations based on a consortium agreement:
- National Association of Adult Training Experts
- ‘Pannon’ University, Institute of Consulting , Continuing Education, Adult Education and E-learning
- Regional Bureau of Employment of Middle-TransDanubia
- Multipurpose Association of Micro Region Tapolca and its Surroundings
- Association of Entrepreneurs in Tapolca and its Surroundings

The colleagues of the foundation have experience in education and adult education both in of national and transnational kind that they gained during their early career.

Together for Our Future (Együtt a Jövőnkért /EJ/)

Extract from the organisational and functional statutes of the foundation

The aim of the foundation:
The foundation takes charge of reinforcing and making public the scale of values of natural and social development so that the preservation of the past’s heritage, the growth of general human knowledge and the conscious strengthening of environmental awareness might be realised on the largest scale. It formulates and represents the intact and healthy human ideal with regards to the entirety of man, thus it explains the responsibility for ourselves (our intellectual knowledge and sound physical being) and for our environment in the broadest sense. It underlines the importance of achieving balance in relation to the physical, spiritual and intellectual capacities of an individual (person), our social (collective) environment as well as our built and natural environment, all in strong correlation and interaction. The aim of the foundation is to perform with its own means public duties in connection with the preservation of the results of scientific research, public education, education and pedagogy, natural, social, health-related and cultural goods as well as duties in connection with consumer society and environmental protection.

Sphere of the foundation’s activities:
Protection of health, prevention of disease, therapeutic rehabilitation activities in health care,
Social activities, helping families, elderly care,
Scientific activity, research,
Education and instruction, development of skills, popular science lecture,
Cultural activity,
Preservation of the cultural heritage,
Protection of historic monuments,
Protection of nature, protection of animals,
Environment protection,
Protection of children and youth, representation of the interests of children and youth,
Enabling equal opportunity for socially disadvantaged groups,
Protection of human and civil rights,
Activities related to national and ethnic minorities in Hungary and Hungarians beyond the border,
Sports, with the exception of sport activities carried out based on commission in terms of employment or legal relationship of civil rights,
Protection of low and order and road safety, voluntary fire-fighting, life-saving, prevention of catastrophes,
Consumer protection,
Rehabilitative employment,
Promotion of training and employment for disadvantaged groups on the labour market and related services,
Promotion of the Euro-Atlantic integration,
Services provided for organisations in the public interest – which can only be used by organisations in the public interest,
Services related to flood protection and drainage.

Membres de conseil de fondation

Président: Károlyné Kancsal

József Hárshegyi
Viktor Szabados
Károlyné Varga
Etelka Kovács Vincéné

Membre de comité de surveillance

Président: József Rompos
Ida Kovács
Emilné Sztrik

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