Együtt a Jövőnkért Alapítvány


V-3DAS (“Virtual 3D Agri-Stage for Experiential Learning”) is an highly innovative project approved and co-financed by the EU, within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme KA3. It had its official start-up in January 2010 with the first step of activities related to the territorial and sectoral networking of stakeholders and young farmers aimed to animate a debate on the project topics. The project aims to sustain the innovation in the agricultural sector, in terms of professional development, update of competences and knowledge and of technology transfer. The three elements will support the training of a new generation of farmers who are able to act as entrepreneurs.
The focus of the project is to enrich the range of the skills and competences of the agricultural operators, who should be experts not only on the production techniques, quality of process and product, but also on management aspects related to strategic business decisions in nowadays market, to optimisation of efforts, procedure and results.
One of the fundamental elements of the project is the use of emerging web 3D technologies and virtual simulations to enhance the training potential. Virtual 3D simulations and a dedicated monitoring software enable both trainers and tutors to operate in an innovative and effective way, while giving a more friendly and fun training environment.
V-3DAS wants to offer to the new generation of agricultural entrepreneurs a new technological training tool to help them to understand the importance of being entrepreneurs, acquiring an entrepreneurial mindset, being able to dimension their company on the market with a managerial perspective.
Once the learning environment will be fully functional, 4 pilot courses will be organized by each partner in Italy, Spain, Greece and France and will involve at least 60 end users to evaluate the training methods and efficacy of the training environment.
While doing this, selected stakeholders from the agricultural sector wil be interviewed to gather opinions, information and comments as well as data on how end users can benefit from the project itself.
Updated information on the progress and the outcomes can be found on the project web-portal, where you could also subscribe to the project's forum or download public documents / outcomes, when available.
This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission, the EACEA and the partners of the project cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.